As I have said before I really like to learn, so I think that it is obvious why I am grateful for this. Also cultural differences bring something to fill the silences.
There is nothing in this world I love more than a good giggle or two. I love that certain memories can cause me to full out laugh until I cry, and I adore that other memories can cause others to laugh right along with me.  What is your favorite memory?
I know! I forgot, and was dead tired when I got home, but its all okay! Sleep is great. Just the thought of sleep is enough to bring smiles to the face of tired people. I for one know that sleep is precious, being an insomiac and all. Darn my restless mind. 
I love thinking(even though it often gets me in a bit of trouble, when I voice some of my thoughts out loud) about anything really. I love possibilities and triumphs of will-power. What do you love about your brain?
Yes, my dear readers, it has been one of those days that drag on and on forever. I am so glad that I have a bed to go home to, and a light to turn off. I am glad that I can just go home and nap off today. 
Yep, silence. Especially when it is directly after a long session of chatter and boisterous-ness. Or the silence that seems to decrease the size of your headache. Pure Bliss. 
So, the reason I started this post this way is because for my first dance with lent involves you, this blog, and me. Everyday, I will be posting on this page something that I am truly grateful for. It would be swell if you just joined in at anytime. So if you want to help simply comment what you are grateful for and why in the comments below each posts. 
So for the first day:
I am intensely grateful for my schooling. I absolutely adore learning new things and meeting new people. I would have to say that the best way to do just that is going to school. Sure, sometimes it is hard to look at the good things when you have to get up at 6:30 in the am, but it is gran-tascular to be able to say that I know something, and be able to put it to use in the real world. Oh the joy! No truly I am being serious, but it looks seriously sarcastic.
So, guess what! Well, one of my friends(yes, I have friends, I think) won one of the prizes I was telling you guys about. You know the 450 books they could win. And to make t even cooler than it already is, she won the second book to a book that I happen to be reading currently! How neat is that?! and if you do not think that it is neat, than you clearly haven't been reading this blog correctly. Go back and read it again. Go ahead, I have time.
You finished? On another note, I have a new obsession!
The t.v. show Supernatural, with Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles. Now, if you are not into creepy scary things(like me) then you might not like this show. But if you can stand it and love to laugh then you definitely want to go watch this show as fast as you can. It is fantabulous!!!!
So whenever you get the chance to watch this show, come talk about it here with me, and I will definitely answer you.
Okay, so if you don't like gorgeous guys without shirts, I am sorry this won't make you giggle. But I hope it does!