Be honorable. Stick to your commitments. Even if you promised your last limited edition baseball card from 1945 to some kid from your past or something like that. Being honorable, more often than not results in good news in your favor. Like that new promotion you've been looking at (You might not get it though), or that really cute guy who caught your eye last week might suddenly ask you out (Or not). The point is good things happen to good people. How do you think they are so incredibly happy all of the time. It's not like they don't have any problems it's just they don't let that stop them from being a good person. So honor your commitments, and be truthful. As if you have never lied. ;D
How many of you have sat there and just laid in everything that went wrong that day? Don't be afraid to admit it, I know I've done it on more than one occasion  The only way to have a better life is to make it how you see it. I may have already said this but working hard is the only real way to get what you want.
I know sometimes things seem to only be getting worse but chances are they're not. It is almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy here. If you think its only going to get worse and truly believe it then it will only get worse for a longer time than if you believe it can only get better. Each day is a chance to help someone who truly needs it. Don't ruin it because you feel that you are having a bad day.
I think maybe to prevent stress you should have a 'home' of sorts. I'm not talking about the place where you live, really. So much as talking about somewhere you can step back look at the situation and find the best way to handle it. Rushing into a dangerous situation may work in the books and movies, but chances are this is real life and you need all your wits to make it where you want to go.
So my advice is to always have someone to help you laugh at yourself or relax. But not too much you still need to do your work!  Any questions?
The way humans empathize is what makes us humans. Don't smother a feeling that will lead you to do good. Because the more good you do the more happy that will come back to you. I swear.
 Don't believe me? Try it for a week. Sure bad things will happen but it is all about the way YOU brush  it off.