You know the kind- the days that your going to scream and punch the nearest wall. Sure we have all had those days where your car decides to stop running so your late to work, then your meanie of a boss decides that he just doesn't want to hear your 'excuses', even though you walked three miles in the freezing snow blizzard raging outside, just to get to a job you didn't want to go to in the first place. We've all had the days where your computer kills itself after you have just finished the essay you have been typing for three weeks that is due tomorrow and already had to retype at least nine times. Yep. I've had those days and they just don't seem to be very fair. Everybody else seems to be basking in good news while you play with the short end of the stick. Well, that happens and chances are they are having a better day than you.

Have you ever gotten up and just told yourself that that day was going to be just swell? Then it went worse than skateboarding off your roof and into a three foot pool. When I have those days(I have them a lot) I know that I could make it better than it had currently been going. The only problem is I had already lost all of my patience and could not possibly even try to turn it around. I just wallow in my upset-ness over the fact that my day is totally messed up and had been from the get-go.

So what is the point of me telling you my life story? I'm telling you because I want you to know you can make what seems to be a bad day into the best day ever and a half. Don't worry I wouldn't give you advice with out trying it myself so if you can conjure up the patience feel free to make your day better. Then by default make everyone you come into contact with completely jealous of how awesome your day has been going. Don't forget to rub it in a little while your at it.

There are things you should be ashamed of (like streaking a public place) and things you should be proud of (like your newly finished garden or something). Do not let anyone tell you that you are something to be ashamed of, because if that's true than pigs will fly. People make rude comments (I was asked if I was a cutter. I"m NOT. Thanks) and people will say mean things. The only thing to do in a situation like that is accept their jealousy and move on. I have had many rude experience, but I refuse to let anything stop me from being who I want to be.
And that's me.
So the moral of the story is: the people who say the worst things often have the worst jealousy for you. All you have to do is keep being you and they'll eventually get the message:
I have a lot of 'weird' likes, dislikes, and hobbies. I love the smell of paper. The kinds you find in old or new books or even just the plain kind that hasn't been used. I love school supplies. There is just something about my new pack of crayons that makes me want to dance. I love love LOVE notebooks, pencils(not pens), hard/paper back books. I am all for those giant textbooks I have to carry around. I am completely random. I was riding on the bus one day and a squirrel caught my attention and tore me from my conversation. I wouldn't change any of these thing I put on my list for the world. These things make me happy and they make me
It is not okay to pretend ignorance. I know it is the easiest route in a life of hardships, but that route will take you to places you wanted to advoid in the first place. So if you know that someone isn't being honest why should you sit there and take it? Why not actually find out the truth? why should you make that lie even bigger than it originally was. That is what you do when you allow people to tell you anything they feel the need to. I'm not saying that nobody is trust worthy, and i am not saying that you should be suspicious of everyone. I am saying that certain people can only tell the absolute truth so many times. This way you advoid drama and are not so susprised when it's not the truth that comes from their mouths. You must remember that not everybody lives by your values.
Truth- I think finding the truth is easier than listening to lies.
I know what you think when you think poor people or people in poverty. I know because I used to think the same thing. This will show you true poverty. Then decide for yourself what you think poverty looks like. This video is from Louisville, Kentucky. Leave me a comment, tell me what you think.