Okay, Okay. I know your all thinking this girl has gone off her rocker. But hear me out. I actually have some type of meaning to this.
Hurtful comments are apart of life. We all have said some, we all have received some, but how we react to them is truly what matters. Happens to me all the time. I basically have a faulty filter. My mouth gets a moving and the words just smack my poor unfortunate victim in the face. Well, what is a girl to do except apologize? Most times, I realize I have said something wrong and I freeze up like: "My Word, I did not mean to do that." and try my best to make them feel better. Other times, I don't even realize I have done it and continue on with my day. The worst part of being on that side of the spectrum, I think, is not knowing you hurt their feelings. I wish they would just say "Hey, that hurt." I have no qualms with apologizing. I apologize without realizing it. I do have qualms with accusations and assumptions though. Imagine all of the arguments that could have been avoided if someone had just said, "That hurt my feelings." 
On the other hand, getting hurtful comments hurts bunches too. So, some meanie(or really nice person who had a slip of the tongue) said something rude to you. Well, people will say that the best response is no response, but that is almost as false as "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me." The only logical response I can think of is telling them that hurt. If they happen to do it on purpose, happen to avoid them on purpose. You can be civil and not like somebody. Trust me, it's hard but possible. 
Love from Me! Bye!
Hey All! On to the lecture of the week!
You all know, I am NOT in any way, shape, and/or form a rock star  Okay, well maybe sometimes in my own mind when I'm singing along to myself in my room or the shower or whatever. My point is most times rock star's get a rap for doing whatever they feel like whenever they feel like. This may or may not be true. 
My point is: When you get a second pretend you are a rock star. Like the tension go and have fun with whatever you are doing. WARNING: if you happen to be at work and your boss is yelling at you. Do NOT act like a rock star. 
When you find yourself in a situation that wasn't optimal. Maybe you had to go to the amusement park with your crush AND your annoying younger sibling who likes to make everything awkward. Relax and have fun. Chances are your crush doesn't even care that your sibling is there. Or maybe (s)he does. Or maybe your crush will respect you more for not acting like a over-grown child and making the day any worse than it really has to be. Even if they don't you still had a bonding moment (Or not) with those people who should mean the most to you, family. Making the most out of any situation (like getting trapped on a deserted island) is a talent that everybody should try to cultivate. The better this skill is for you the better leader/asset you become. Trust me everyone would want you around.
Love you all!
Remember Results Do Vary!
Okay, so how any of my awesome readers want to be worked to the bone all the time and NEVER want a single second to themselves? Go ahead and admit it. No judgment here. 
Nobody? Well, that is truly not a surprise. 
Now, how many of my wonderful readers want to be chilling in the nearest hammock of a beautiful beach, with beautiful people catering to your every whim? I know I do. Now, I know not everyone can afford this lifestyle, especially not in this economy. (Heck, I can't afford that lifestyle.) 
What to do when you can't do? There's this nice little place that I like to go. I call it my Oasis. It's deep within the boundaries of my weird over-enthusiastic mind. Simply relax your body count to three and imagine yourself there. Wherever your 'there' is. My there happens to be in the book I am currently reading. If I am not reading(no matter how unlikely that is) it is in the next happy transaction I am going to make that day. It helps me keep a healthy and happy exterior while not harming anyone. But, if you are really mad. Tell the person WHY you are mad. Do NOT start with 'why do you' but instead 'it hurts me when you'. Don't accuse people. 
Hope you all get your hammock soon!
What does cheesecake have to do with my life? You may be wondering. Or "What?" you may be thinking. I'm getting to that. 
I know that a LOT of people say they are going on a diet and not going to eat anything sweet or carb loaded or whatever. They say that they are going to work out everyday. Well, good for them. I know that some people try to blame high sugared sodas for obesity. I don't see it.
I see people sitting around doing nothing. Right after they went walking or whatever. I see people eating in abundance. Right after that mile run you just did. Do you see the pattern? There is nothing wrong with trying to loose weight, but there is something wrong with not following through. So if you are going to eat cheesecake, EAT IT. Have no regrets. Then immediately get up and go DO something. Whether you have opted out of using your car or you go and play some weekend ultimate Frisbee with your friends. Follow through, don't let anything set you back from getting to where you want to be. 
Oddly enough, this was initially going to be about living to the fullest but, I'll get to that next time. I guess. 
Hey guys! Today I wanna talk about hard work (clearly considering that is the title of today's post). A few days ago I went back to my old middle school. The children were extremely happy to see me as I tried to make friends with all. It was not really a big school, and it still is not today. The reason I went back to my middle school instead of my high school or elementary school was because my middle school really made me who I am today. The teachers were attentive and knew what I needed specifically to learn. Anyhow, I lectured a few classes who were slacking on their homework on the importance of doing that homework. 
My point is that homework is just that work. If you don't try you best at it, what will you try your best at? Sure we may never use algorithmic problems again, but the fact of the matter is: Homework prepares you for the rest of your life. If you won't work hard on things that are practice whose to say you even KNOW how to work hard? 
What I say is get your feet under you so you don't stumble when you are dropped into the real world. 
I know, I know who the heck am I to tell anyone how to work hard? Well, you could pretend that I am just telling you what to do and you could pretend you are pretty BA and just ignore me. It's your life, and I tried.
For Adults:
Working hard may seem like its not getting you anywhere, but trust me... IT IS. In fact that promotion you clearly have been pinning for maybe somewhere around the next corner. (Or not result do vary)
If working hard REALLY is not getting you anywhere keep working hard and tell your boss, how awesome you are for working hard and not getting your raise or promotion or whatever. Make yourself invaluable and threaten to quit. (DO NOT DO THIS. I AM JUST KIDDING. RESULTS VARY. IF YOU HAVE A JOB APPRECIATE IT AND DON''T PUSH IT)
There you go.