Okay, random people of the internet, here is the post of the week!
Giving yourself a break.
Today, I had my first ever swim meet. I was nervous and it was crazy. And to add to the ever increasing pressure one of my swim coaches told me not to breath between the flag and the wall. 5 yards. No breathing. Now don't get me wrong I have swam the whole length of the pool without breathing. I had trouble but I got it done. Now, she is asking me to do a flip turn, under water, without breathing, all the while exerting large amounts of energy. I will tell you now: it is NOT easy to swim not only correctly, but also without flaw, and then you have to go fast?! 
Yea, not exactly a piece of cake. 
Anyhow, I didn't believe that I could do it. Not yet anyway, and I was right. Before I ever dove into that pool, though, I was near tears. Okay, not near tears, I was flat out crying. Not the snot and ugly-faced crying just a few hot tears at random intervals. Anyhow, I was focusing on being as good as I could without drowning. (Note: I have only been swimming a month to everyone else's 16 to three months swimming. Sure, in retrospect three months isn't even much away from one months. But is actually a long time in swim seconds). I was focused on swimming my hardest. I was focused on not getting penalized for any faulty and accidental swimming. I was not focused on relaxing. I was not focused on having fun. I couldn't relax until I had enough time to get used to the competition. And do you know what? I came in last. Maybe it was dead last maybe it was really close to the girl next to me I have no idea.
Well, next time I will be better, and I will be prepared. I know I can do this. And next time I will give myself a break and 
So, your sitting there thinking, "Why am I watching this?" Well, it's simple you see. To truly go for what you want you have to be willing to put yourself out there. Are you ready?
I watch this video a bit of time ago, and I just want to say, not everybody's like that. I have no idea what state(s) they were in but it certainly was not mine. I could not imagine that an actual adult would have answered some of these questions in the way they did. Other questions I could easily see, as I answered the same way, not only because I am not only still learning, but also I was answering before anyone in the video could. Now, if you happen to be an outraged American, and you want to do something about this... Well, the only thing you should be doing is learning more and simply proving those who think ill of you wrong. 
So from this, take that our schools must improve. End of Story. Love you all, Bye!
P.S.-I hope you got a good laugh, as well! :)

Tonight I experienced my first game of the illustrious, confusing, and quite dangerous... LASER TAG!! I'll be super truthful here. At first, I did not want to do it – at all. But I knew it couldn't be that bad. So, I resigned myself to my fate and promised that I would try to enjoy myself.

And do you know what happened? I almost made new friends and I truly enjoyed myself. You may or may not know this but good this come to people who truly like to enjoy themselves and try to make the best out of every situation you are thrust into.

Moral of the story: Fun is where you try to find it. I mean sure laser tag might be the worst example ever because its known commonly to be loads and loads of great fun, but whatever. You know my point!

Later Taters!