Okay, I'm sure with all of the other blogs your reading that they are talking about Christmas, and if they are not then who cares! Just kidding, I care. 
Anyhow, this is not what you think it is. This is not a post telling you to go somewhere and relax throughout the Christmas Crazy. This is not a post about how everyone else is insane, and your the only one who retained any normalcy during this holiday season(no matter how true/untrue that may be). Instead, this post will be about remaining patient with those who clearly need it more than others.
I know for certain that I need this more than others at times. My sisters knows the exact why to push my buttons. She knows exactly how to make me lose my cool, cool that I spent forever developing. So, I have decided that I won't take her crazy, but instead I will make sure she knows that certain things you just cannot do. This is includes trashing random people that do not really deserve it. Maybe one day she'll understand what I am saying to her.
So go out there and expect the best from everyone. 

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