I cannot stand it when Americans say things like, "I hate it here. I want to move." or "Americans are so dumb."  "I hate America because people think that I am dumb like the rest of America." All of these phrase make me shake in my boots, but not out of fright out of an anger so thick that it literally makes me shake and my bones rattle. Only one phrase makes me madder than any other. It makes me turn green grown nine sizes and smash things yelling, "HULK SMASH!" It's when other Americans see videos, blog posts, television shows, apps, anything really and comment, "This is why I hate America. They are so dumb/conceited/rude/mean/angry."
My response is always, "Yeah, so? And what are you doing to fix this problem?" Nothing. They are not doing anything but sitting back and pointing out the flaws. I know that America is a long way from a perfect society, but it is the one that you were born in, its the one that gave you the means for education. It is the one that gave you opportunity to see other societies, other places, other cultures. Not all countries can say that. 
So, if you do not like the way you can live moderately comfortable here, leave or do something about it. We all know that it is hard to make your way in this world. We are all doing it. So go ahead and go to another country because we all know we do not need the negativity from another loud mouth with no reasoning. Of course there is always the option to try and correct the parts you don't like. 
If you don't like the ignorance in our country: Take your education seriously. Then educate others, you do not have to be a teacher to do this.
If you don't like how mean some people are in this country: Stop sitting on your hands, and take a stand.
If you don't like the anger in some people: Give them something to be happy about. 
Complaining is for people who are doing something to correct it at the same time. If you are working to fix this problem then coincidentally you shouldn't be complaining.

Alright. That's all the negativity I can give out today. 

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