What does cheesecake have to do with my life? You may be wondering. Or "What?" you may be thinking. I'm getting to that. 
I know that a LOT of people say they are going on a diet and not going to eat anything sweet or carb loaded or whatever. They say that they are going to work out everyday. Well, good for them. I know that some people try to blame high sugared sodas for obesity. I don't see it.
I see people sitting around doing nothing. Right after they went walking or whatever. I see people eating in abundance. Right after that mile run you just did. Do you see the pattern? There is nothing wrong with trying to loose weight, but there is something wrong with not following through. So if you are going to eat cheesecake, EAT IT. Have no regrets. Then immediately get up and go DO something. Whether you have opted out of using your car or you go and play some weekend ultimate Frisbee with your friends. Follow through, don't let anything set you back from getting to where you want to be. 
Oddly enough, this was initially going to be about living to the fullest but, I'll get to that next time. I guess. 

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