I get that. Sometimes you don't want all the flowery metaphors or the slow unwinding of a good story. Yoiu want what you want when you want it. Sometimes, you can even get to feeling that you don't have any time for waiting. Well, your wrong. And I wrong too, for that matter. If something is taking FOREVER, there is most assuredly a reason. That reason just might be that you need to step away and enjoy yourself for a few minutes, hours, or even days. I hope you don't actually have to wait any longer than hours though. 
When you are waiting and suddenly you think, I don't have time for this... Well that means it is time for your multi-tasker skills to come into play. Go enjoy the day, while you are waiting for the last installment in your favorite series to finally hit the shelves.
Hope This Helped. But it probably didn't!
I love You.

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