Alright ladies, we all know that winning the battle to vote was a long and hard one. We all know that it was not that long ago that we truly had no rights and were expected to be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. With the turn of the century, any person would think that our rights have been slowly expanding. They have not. 
To be frank it is no one's fault but our own. I mean seriously. The men are the only people who can become movers and shakers. The men are not the only ones who can start an enterprise from the dirt. 
Tell me, when you think politics, do you think of a completely male-run entity? When you think of doctors, why is that doctor often a man? Now, don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with a male doctor(I am very grateful for my doctor. he keeps me healthy), but what is stopping every female on this earth from pursuing a career that is dominated by males? Why are more women not going after the same careers? I know that we could do it. I know that we will do it.
Why is that women are on the losing end in many countries? Most of all, why are women not getting the same education as the boys in other countries. 
If there is one thing I know, it is that how my education has impacted me and my life. The education of women in other countries would create better and longer living families. Educated women would ensure that the quality of life would go up. 
On another note(or the same one withever you prefer):
"There is nothing more beneficial to society than the education of women." -Sisters of Mercy
There is so much truth within this statement, that it bothers me how many women do not know they are important. Not only to the people around them but the entirety of society. Smart women,bring about smart children, smart children brings better futures for all. I would 

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