Okay, so how any of my awesome readers want to be worked to the bone all the time and NEVER want a single second to themselves? Go ahead and admit it. No judgment here. 
Nobody? Well, that is truly not a surprise. 
Now, how many of my wonderful readers want to be chilling in the nearest hammock of a beautiful beach, with beautiful people catering to your every whim? I know I do. Now, I know not everyone can afford this lifestyle, especially not in this economy. (Heck, I can't afford that lifestyle.) 
What to do when you can't do? There's this nice little place that I like to go. I call it my Oasis. It's deep within the boundaries of my weird over-enthusiastic mind. Simply relax your body count to three and imagine yourself there. Wherever your 'there' is. My there happens to be in the book I am currently reading. If I am not reading(no matter how unlikely that is) it is in the next happy transaction I am going to make that day. It helps me keep a healthy and happy exterior while not harming anyone. But, if you are really mad. Tell the person WHY you are mad. Do NOT start with 'why do you' but instead 'it hurts me when you'. Don't accuse people. 
Hope you all get your hammock soon!

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