Okay, Okay. I know your all thinking this girl has gone off her rocker. But hear me out. I actually have some type of meaning to this.
Hurtful comments are apart of life. We all have said some, we all have received some, but how we react to them is truly what matters. Happens to me all the time. I basically have a faulty filter. My mouth gets a moving and the words just smack my poor unfortunate victim in the face. Well, what is a girl to do except apologize? Most times, I realize I have said something wrong and I freeze up like: "My Word, I did not mean to do that." and try my best to make them feel better. Other times, I don't even realize I have done it and continue on with my day. The worst part of being on that side of the spectrum, I think, is not knowing you hurt their feelings. I wish they would just say "Hey, that hurt." I have no qualms with apologizing. I apologize without realizing it. I do have qualms with accusations and assumptions though. Imagine all of the arguments that could have been avoided if someone had just said, "That hurt my feelings." 
On the other hand, getting hurtful comments hurts bunches too. So, some meanie(or really nice person who had a slip of the tongue) said something rude to you. Well, people will say that the best response is no response, but that is almost as false as "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me." The only logical response I can think of is telling them that hurt. If they happen to do it on purpose, happen to avoid them on purpose. You can be civil and not like somebody. Trust me, it's hard but possible. 
Love from Me! Bye!

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