First, yes because I posted this today, I will not be posting anything tomorrow. Also the subject matter of this post is maybe unsuitable for those weak of heart. You can either watch the video or read my response. Or both! Love you all! Enjoy.
Alright, so if you did not want to view the video, it was about two high school boys who decided to rape a girl at a party(filled with drugs and alcohol), this girl had, unfortunately, drunken herself into a stupor. The boys then raped her and took video of it. According to the pieces of the video, it was funny enough to make rape jokes about. Hysterical even. 
Clearly, I do not think that this is even remotely funny. Especially considering no disciplinary action was taken against these boys. NONE. In fact, certain ADULTS insinuated it was her fault. Now, I will say that it was more than inappropriate to even drink at such a party. But like EVERY other teen known, she made a mistake. A mistake that should have NOT cost her that. 
I have seen many stories like this where a woman has gotten raped and immediately the general consensus is "Her fault." "She had to have done SOMETHING to instigate such treatment." 
Why is it that we have to find something guilty about those who were wronged? Wearing short clothing, as gross as it sometimes is, is not someone asking for sex. Dressing in formless shifts, at that point could also be considered asking for it.
It should not matter what the female wears, but how much you respect not only her, but yourself. Control and a conscience.
Now, females are not only ones who are raped, but they are the only who are "asking for it" in the public eye. Answer me this, who would ask for such a thing?


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