Hey guys! Today I wanna talk about hard work (clearly considering that is the title of today's post). A few days ago I went back to my old middle school. The children were extremely happy to see me as I tried to make friends with all. It was not really a big school, and it still is not today. The reason I went back to my middle school instead of my high school or elementary school was because my middle school really made me who I am today. The teachers were attentive and knew what I needed specifically to learn. Anyhow, I lectured a few classes who were slacking on their homework on the importance of doing that homework. 
My point is that homework is just that work. If you don't try you best at it, what will you try your best at? Sure we may never use algorithmic problems again, but the fact of the matter is: Homework prepares you for the rest of your life. If you won't work hard on things that are practice whose to say you even KNOW how to work hard? 
What I say is get your feet under you so you don't stumble when you are dropped into the real world. 
I know, I know who the heck am I to tell anyone how to work hard? Well, you could pretend that I am just telling you what to do and you could pretend you are pretty BA and just ignore me. It's your life, and I tried.
For Adults:
Working hard may seem like its not getting you anywhere, but trust me... IT IS. In fact that promotion you clearly have been pinning for maybe somewhere around the next corner. (Or not result do vary)
If working hard REALLY is not getting you anywhere keep working hard and tell your boss, how awesome you are for working hard and not getting your raise or promotion or whatever. Make yourself invaluable and threaten to quit. (DO NOT DO THIS. I AM JUST KIDDING. RESULTS VARY. IF YOU HAVE A JOB APPRECIATE IT AND DON''T PUSH IT)
There you go.

10/05/2012 11:55pm

Best post ever made.


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