Alright guys, if you have not read the first three than please avoid this post like the plague! 
Now that that is out of the way,...
Alanna has finally accomplished her goal of becoming the first female knight. Now, like everyone else who has accomplished something huge one question remains: What to do? What to do? Alanna has no idea of what she should do next! Its a good(bad really) that Alanna has come across a mission. She must go out and recover Domimion Jewel. Now, if this were not enough our hero must also knock heads with her old enemy, Duke Roger. Lovely, right?
Alright, I guess its time to come clean. I have read this book before in my childhood, it was amazing then and it is amazing now. I absolutely adore how Pierce manages to create a world that is not only engrossing in your childhood, but also in the future as well. This book was so "smashing" as some people like to say. Actually, I cannot seem to think of anyone who says that except for Peirs from America's Got Talent. Or from his Interview-y show. But whatever. It's all good.

So this comic book is about Superman(obviously). It is pretty dang good! Excuse my French...
Anyhow this book was about superman fighting basically himself and trying to figure out if he was a menace he should be preventing and such... I have to say this book was funny! It was awkward and full of life's everyday odd little moments.
Hey all! Thanks for baring with me recently. Anyhow let's get started, shall we?
Truth: Nobody has seen the ends of the universe( or at least if they have they aren't talking about it).
False: Dolphins do not exist. Unless you live on a different planet, then the real question is how are you ever reading this right now?
Truth:Russ has moved to a different city to live with his grandparents after his parents were murdered.
False: Russ is completely fine.
Truth: Finely just wants to play some basketball.
False: Finely always continues to date his girlfriend throughout basketball season.
Finely has lived in the same town his entire life. He has played basketball the entire time he lived there as well. Finely just wants to get out of his torn home town with his on and off girlfriend(and his only real friend). Finely, as known as White Rabbit, is called in by his coach to help mentor another kid, Russ. Russ has had a hard few months. Considering that his parents were murdered and then he had to move in with his grandparents to a particularly shady neighborhood.So, Russ copes with it the best way he knows how, he pretends he is from outer space and soon his parents will come to get him. Back to the plot though. So, the coach wants Russ to play basketball because Russ was really very good, even though Russ has no real interest in playing anymore. 

Hmm, I liked this book. It was quirky, like me. Truly, I think it could have been better but all in all it was enjoyable. I think that some parts of the book are funny and other are a real mystery you only really solve at the end. It was a pretty solid book.

So, between the end of school and a few other books that I have been juggling I put of the book for this week. Expect the next post to have both the one that I have missed this week and the one I choose for next week. Sorry! 
Hey, all. So I was really late yesterday with all the posting and such. But it has been a really hard week, considering my grandfather's been hospitalized, you know? So, if I am a little late, my fault, but as of right now. I cannot help it. Sorry.
Page- Tamora Pierce
So, you read the review for First Test right? Good because the next three books will all be of the same series. 
Kel is back. In black. Okay, okay not in black. But in an equally awesome color. So anyway, this is Kel's second year and third years under the mighty Lord Wydon. I hope I spelled that correctly. This year is not about to get any easier, by the by. For starters, with Jordan leaving soon, he is more determined than ever to make sure that leaves for good. Not to mention, our lovely heroine has to carry around weights all day.
So this book was just as amazing and thought provoking as the first one. The one thing that made me furious though, was our protagonist. Goodness! Everytime I thought that she was making progress with Wydon, she would bring up the whole probation thing. Sure, it was an Unfortunate Occurance, but you conquered it and pretty well, I might add. So, get over it already. But that is just me acting like a true knitt-picky nerd. You gotta love me. :)

Squire- Tamora Pierce
So this book is the next four years of Kel's life as she works to not only get a Knight-master(to train her), and become accepted by that very knight master and his crew. There is not much I can tell you about this book, without ruining the statement I just made. So! I will just tell you this: People will joust, hearts will be shaken, and villains will be knocked on the dirt, but our heroine will be as well, in case you were wondering. 
This book made me run around my room, screaming. It was just that good. This is most definitely my favorite of all of the novels in this series. Being a helpless romantic, I thoroughly enjoy all the of the sweet gooey moments. Besides that, I enjoy reading Kel's struggles and how she solved them.

Lady Knight- Tamora Pierce
So, I will admit: I was a bit disappointed by this one. I was disappointed because my OTP(that is Tumblr for One True Pair in case you didn't know) loses their possibility for existence. I was livid. I had no interest in reading the story anymore. But I did. It was still good. But it is hard to read a book, heart-broken.

OH YEAH!!: I am not going to give you a summary here, at this point if I did this I would inadvertently gives something important away- WAIT A MINUTE!! Why are you reading this if you haven't finished the first few?? Go away until you have finished the books then you can read this, okay? 

That for reading!

The first in the Protector of the Small Series. Now, that that business is out of the way...
Keladry of Mindelan grew up in a tough world of training for war in the rain, never complaining, and never showing a hint of weakness. So naturally, in order to become more like her hero: Alanna, the Lioness, Keladry starts on the path to become a knight. The only problem is Lord Wyldon. He hates change of any kind and would do just about anything to make the girl go home. Good thing Keladry would do just about anything to make her dreams come true.
So, I was upset because it took FOREVER for the rest of the comes to come in. This book was great, sure I thought the child was a bit obnoxious at times, but what main character isn't? So in conclusion this book awakened the inner feminist in me(I told you about her, didn't I?). She was the one controlling me as I jumped around in outrage, and success. So if you want me to give you an unbiased report, I would be forced to biased-ly say: "That book is SUPER AWESOMELY AM-FREAKING-MAZING!!"

So this is 13th book I have finished in the name of the Hub Reading Challenge. Yeah to me! 

The MisEducation of Cameron Post- Emily M. Danforth
Cameron's parents died in a car crash. This forces Cameron to move in with her aunt. Her religiously-strict aunt. Of course this shouldn't matter, but unfortunately Cameron is a lesbian. Just when Cameron is settling in, and creating new friendships(and a little more than that), her aunt tries to "fix" her.
I have never been one to breeze through books about self-discovery. They always seem to drag on to me. This book was no exception, but you know, I did kind of enjoy it. I managed to laugh and gasp every once in a while. So, as far as these types of books go, I think it did well.

Love and Other Perishable Items- Laura Buzo
Chris- works a grocery stores, is 21, goes to a university, obsessive over movies.
Amelia- part-times works at same grocery store, is 15, has a three year old sister, and parents who don't want to share their funds(like most of the rest of the parent population). So Amelia develops a huge crush on Chris. Harmless, is what it should be. BUT is Chris kinda sorta crushing on her too??! 
So this book was cute, and relate-able. I really enjoyed this one. I don't know what else to say. It was a smashing success! Does that work??

Serphina- Rachel Hartman
So, some of you may remember my post about this book not too long ago. If you do, thanks for continuing to read my awful ramblings. So anyhow, this book was no less than it was when I first read it. Seriously, grand-tastic!

So, in a world where everybody hates them some dragons and these dragons want to smash them some humans. Everything can become a signal to start another war. So, our lovely little humans decided to ban everything dragon, including relations with dragons. Why the heck would I mention that specifically? I have no idea. But I am sure that you could definitely tell me if you went and read the book for yourself..... *innocent face*

In the Hand Of the Goddess, Woman Who rides like a Man- Tamora Pierce
you know what, I refuse to spoil the book for those of you who may or may not be reading this series. Nor will I reveal the third book. (Mostly because I basically gave away the first book).

I am going to tell you though, how SUPER-TASTIC this book series is. I adore these books like nobody's business. Seriously, great. Go read it. Go read it now!! <3 ya!

Friends With Boys- Faith Erin Hicks
So after years and years of homeschooling, Maggie is finally attending a school. But not just any school, the school that her three brothers attend. To make matters worse, her mother has gone AWOL, she doesn't know anyone at this school, its freshman year, and there is a ghost haunting her.
I liked it. Let me first get that out of the way. I truly enjoyed the drawings and the story. I do feel that it could have been just a smidgen better. Oh, well. It was cute and that is all you have to know! 

This was not apart of the reading challenge!
The Morganville Vampires- Rachel Caine
So 16-year-old, child genius, Claire Danvers, has gone to college, in a small town called Morganville. Where the population is always steadily decreasing. Not because of the hundreds of students that transfer or disappear, and not because of the crime rate(not truly anyhow). How is Claire going to cope with not only the mean girls on campus, but the unknown danger that lurks out in the shadows of night?
 I loved it. I thought that it was simple enough to keep me from getting confused, but so full of plot twists that I had no choice but to keep reading. So, now I have the fourth one and not the third and I am soooo tempted. I won't do it just yet though, maybe.

by Jesse Andrews.

Greg Gaines, a pugdy, socially awkward, a-little-off-his-rocker, and always wanting to be invisible is forced by his mother to spend time with a girl with Leukemia  Greg says in the beginning that he hadn't learned anything from Rachel's death, but I happen to disagree. What he learned is written right there on the very last page. 

This is a very good book(if you ignore all the vulgar words and profanity). It is witty and conversational(which some people may not like unfortunately). It is not some book bent on giving you Gandhi like advice when someone in your life contracts Leukemia though. It's cute and I liked it.