The MisEducation of Cameron Post- Emily M. Danforth
Cameron's parents died in a car crash. This forces Cameron to move in with her aunt. Her religiously-strict aunt. Of course this shouldn't matter, but unfortunately Cameron is a lesbian. Just when Cameron is settling in, and creating new friendships(and a little more than that), her aunt tries to "fix" her.
I have never been one to breeze through books about self-discovery. They always seem to drag on to me. This book was no exception, but you know, I did kind of enjoy it. I managed to laugh and gasp every once in a while. So, as far as these types of books go, I think it did well.

Love and Other Perishable Items- Laura Buzo
Chris- works a grocery stores, is 21, goes to a university, obsessive over movies.
Amelia- part-times works at same grocery store, is 15, has a three year old sister, and parents who don't want to share their funds(like most of the rest of the parent population). So Amelia develops a huge crush on Chris. Harmless, is what it should be. BUT is Chris kinda sorta crushing on her too??! 
So this book was cute, and relate-able. I really enjoyed this one. I don't know what else to say. It was a smashing success! Does that work??

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