Hey, all. So I was really late yesterday with all the posting and such. But it has been a really hard week, considering my grandfather's been hospitalized, you know? So, if I am a little late, my fault, but as of right now. I cannot help it. Sorry.
Page- Tamora Pierce
So, you read the review for First Test right? Good because the next three books will all be of the same series. 
Kel is back. In black. Okay, okay not in black. But in an equally awesome color. So anyway, this is Kel's second year and third years under the mighty Lord Wydon. I hope I spelled that correctly. This year is not about to get any easier, by the by. For starters, with Jordan leaving soon, he is more determined than ever to make sure that leaves for good. Not to mention, our lovely heroine has to carry around weights all day.
So this book was just as amazing and thought provoking as the first one. The one thing that made me furious though, was our protagonist. Goodness! Everytime I thought that she was making progress with Wydon, she would bring up the whole probation thing. Sure, it was an Unfortunate Occurance, but you conquered it and pretty well, I might add. So, get over it already. But that is just me acting like a true knitt-picky nerd. You gotta love me. :)

Squire- Tamora Pierce
So this book is the next four years of Kel's life as she works to not only get a Knight-master(to train her), and become accepted by that very knight master and his crew. There is not much I can tell you about this book, without ruining the statement I just made. So! I will just tell you this: People will joust, hearts will be shaken, and villains will be knocked on the dirt, but our heroine will be as well, in case you were wondering. 
This book made me run around my room, screaming. It was just that good. This is most definitely my favorite of all of the novels in this series. Being a helpless romantic, I thoroughly enjoy all the of the sweet gooey moments. Besides that, I enjoy reading Kel's struggles and how she solved them.

Lady Knight- Tamora Pierce
So, I will admit: I was a bit disappointed by this one. I was disappointed because my OTP(that is Tumblr for One True Pair in case you didn't know) loses their possibility for existence. I was livid. I had no interest in reading the story anymore. But I did. It was still good. But it is hard to read a book, heart-broken.

OH YEAH!!: I am not going to give you a summary here, at this point if I did this I would inadvertently gives something important away- WAIT A MINUTE!! Why are you reading this if you haven't finished the first few?? Go away until you have finished the books then you can read this, okay? 

That for reading!

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