Be careful not to touch the girl who always wears gloves. If she touches you without her glove you might just catch a case of the Jenny Pox. Jenny has lived her whole life in fear of giving another person a case of the deadly Jenny pox. So to solve this issue Jenny wears gloves. No skin to skin contact- no problem right? That is until Jenny catches the eye of an awesomely hot and popular hunk. Now his ex girlfriend is out to get her, and she's wondering just how she can avoid touching this extremely irresistible boy.
This book was so amazing it should be framed, and given a medal- the medal of unpredictable awesome. As you might be able to tell I loved it. I sat there the whole time yelling at the book (not that that is any different than any other time ;) ). So better believe that this book is one you won't soon forget. That is unless you don't like awesome.
Betrayed by his much loved wife, King Shahayar has thrown his heart away. Before he had her put to death for her betrayal, she put a curse on him, now this king lives in fear of that curse coming true. Then he proclaims that once a month on the full moon,he would take a maiden for a wife. But just in case she tries to betray him like his other wife did he would have her killed the very next morning.  The first wife he takes is the storytellers daughter. The storyteller's daughter is blind and happens to tell stories by reading a clith with her finger tips. How will she convince his kinglyness to change his mind?
This is an awesome book. I cannot even begin to explain how awesome it is. So find out for yourself.
  Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Where the day starts bad and then gets worse as you skip along? Yeah that is basically the life story of Wilhelmina Grime, high schooler and klutz extraordinaire. She has moved from place to place every time something either goes horrible wrong or very right. Why? I can't tell you. That's all a part of the awesome that is this book. Right now if I were you I would be wondering exactly how does being clumsy and hurting everyone within range factor into being extremely the-core-of-your-being cursed? Well I have already said too much. Let's move on to what I thought about it.

It took me 24 (more or less) hours to read this book. I draws you into it. One moment you're all “Oh, look a neat book let me just read the first page,” to thirty minutes later when your on the thirtieth page thinking “Wait don't I have something to do? Oh well it can wait.” Yeah wait until your done because once you being this book you have no choice but to finish it. I liked it(if you couldn't tell) maybe more than I should have. It's because I am a true hopeless romantic, and I adore all things fairytale. So if your like me and you like fairytales gone wrong pick yourself up a copy, and soon.

Good news there is a book two, so decide what you want to do.
Children with wings. Children who also fly with said wings. Children who are fighting off other genetically mutated things that want to take back these children for more unbearable tests. Max and her flock(that is what they call themselves) have had a hard life. As if giving them wings wasn't enough they also had to go and have people try and hunt them.
These books have been my slightly creepy obession for a very, very long time. I have every copy and I compare other books to this series. That is how amazing these books are. True James Patterson has kind of been slacking in the past books, but who cares as long as he is writing I'm good. Anyhow the last book has come out and soon you will see a review for it. These books are true gems.
Some one better make a movie and I mean quick!
  Valentine Shapiro, classic bad-girl who fears her own powers. Detective Dan Sullivan not so classic cop that has a small bit of trouble accepting the paranormal. Valentine, or Val, has had a terrible, awful eighteenth birthday. First she gets caught killing a vampire, then her parents kick her out the house, and to add insult to injury her parents fired her from her job. Sullivan is is a partner-less SCU, special crime unit, cop. The SCU is a division of the police department that goes after murderous vampires. After catching a young girl kicking the stuff out of a monstrous hungry vampire. He can't help being a little curious about this girl.

Kicked out of the only home she has ever known, and no friends to turn to Val turns to Dan, to help her find a new job, and get her life back on track. Only she gets more than she bargained for when she allies with Dan, and beings hunting vampires as a team.

So this book was funny and clever. It was not your average 'I hate you vampires!' book. It was something more. It was clearly about self-discovery. Which this girl needed more than I can bear to tell you. She made ME upset when she talked about her inner self, as if she was truely a monster. Well whatever, alls well that ends well. Best part is: There are more! So yeah epic book. It even kept me focused on the plot and not just the romance which I may add is very hard to do.
Okay, so not that hard, but it was still a good book and you should read it sometime. When you're not busy killing vampires and all...

   This is some funny stuff. Not only is it funny though, it's
serious, it's dramatic,it is romantic.(I'm a hopeless romantic). So this book is
perfect for everyone. Not only that but it is also FREE for people buying the
first book off for an e-reader. Even if you don't have an e-reader
you can get the free amazon app, and still get the book for free too! That right
there is a true steal. Don't beleive me? Anyhow, the book is steampunk, which I
knew nothing about, until I read this awesome book. So go get yourself one. It
doesn't even matter if you think you won't like it, you are probably wrong
considering none can resist the mighty power of pure AWESOME!