Ever been hit by lightning? (Correct me if I'm wrong, but)No? Well that is not really a big surprise. If you have: Have you gained supernatural powers that enable you to find anybody who is missing? No? Well, that is not much of a surprise either. Guess who has been hit by lightning and gained supernatural powers....


Nah, I'm just kidding Jessica Manistrani has. This girl has a really great ability, to find missing children, women, men, grandparents, possibly chickens, uncles, great aunts, three times removed cousins, whatever. It would be really cool if she didn't have government agents breathing down her neck and the possibility that she messed up a kid's life, badly. At least she still has detention. Yes, detention, the only time of the day when she gets to sit next to totally hot and completely mysterious Rob Wilkins. Rob Wilkins a Grit motorcyclist who might, maybe be a little to old for her. But two year isn't that much unless you are counting in dog-years. Now you are probably wondering what the cheese is a 'Grit'? Well, there is a line of prejudice in her local high school and town for that matter. It's the Grits versus the Townies. You might have figured by now the Townies are the people who live in town, but the Grits don't, they live on the outskirts. Not far enough to be considered another county, but far enough that they aren't really considered apart of the town. Point is super awesome hot Rob asked her to ride on his motorcycle! Everybody knows that is the beginning of a truly meaning full relationship.

So if you could not tell this is a great book. Just like most all of Meg Cabot's stories. For a while, I was slightly nervous to read it. I have no idea why, so I finally read the first four books in two days. Yes, it was intense and epic. It had me squealing like a school-girl and cursing like a sailor at the same time! Okay, okay I know and you know that that is not really any different from any other time. But seriously this book is intense. I haven't finished the book series yet. I know LAME. But I've got to wait until Monday, or suffer not knowing the end longer. So this is why I'm proposing you all read the book and tell me what you think. Send me a message leave a comment, I don't care. Just go read it!

If were up to Janie she wouldn't go into people's dreams at random points her day. Like when she's driving, or when she is trying to get some studying done. If it were up to Janie she would have known that it was even possible. Janie hates it, clearly. But if it weren't for those very same dream powers she would have met Cabel. Cabel the hard core guy(who I think is more than a little scary at the beginning) but a real softy underneath. Could she tell him about her powers though?

Well, of course I know the answer, but you don't and that is all the more reason to go and read this book. I fell in love with every single last aspect of this book. This book had made it into my top ten with only the first paragraph. If I could go back and read it earlier I would. If I could erase my memory of the book, I would just so I could read it again and again. That is how epic this book is. But you should just do it because I told you to...
Okay yes you should.
Happy Reading!

Everyone knows this classic, but for those of you who don't:
Jane Erye had a rough childhood what with the death of her parrents and abuse she suffered from the hands of her 'family.' Then she is sent off to a boarding school where she is forced to conform. Finally when she gets out of boarding school her life starts to go a little better. She gets employed as a governess for a sweet little girl. The only problem: the building attraction between the Jane and her new boss. How improper. ;)
Well, i read this book some time ago, but it still stands as one of the best books I have ever read(Of course). But truly this is a gem, no matter what those crazy people who critized it back when it was published.
Gentically enchanced winged children. Yes they can fly. Yes they are pretty awesome. The only problem the cray-cray scientist who created them want them back to do more painful and dangerous tests. And they have muscled back up. What's a flock of feathered friends to do?
Finally finally FINALLY, the last book has hit the shelves and it is no small book this book is so intense that you'll be dreaming about it. That is if you could put it down long enough to sleep. I don't care what kinds of books you think you prefer, this is what you need this is the book for everyone of all ages.
Book 1- Maximum Ride- The Angel Experiment
Book 2- Maximum Ride- School's Out Forever
Book3- Maximum Ride- Saving the world and other extreme sports (my personalfavorite)
Book4- Maximum Ride- The Final Warning
Book 5- Max
Book 8- Maximum Ride- Nevermore
Read them!