In English Class anything can happen... 
And it just so happens in this book it did. The rules of social class in high school were broken, when a cheerleader's English teacher paired her with a strange Goth child. The rules were trampled when said cheerleader started to ENJOY spending time with the boy. 
Isobel never expected to enjoy working on her Poe project with Varen, but for some reason she does. And to make matters worse, she might actually LIKE the kid. Though as Isobel gets closer to Varen she begins to notice something strange about him. Not just the fact that his writings are like magic, but something sinister seems to be floating near Varen. Oh what is a cheerleader to do?
Okay, I might have cheated a little. I might- quite possibly- maybe have skimmed a few of the parts of the story. The reason I tell you this is because I want you to know that even when I skipped over parts this book keep me intrigued and enraptured inside its many turns and binds. I loved every second. I totally wish I had properly read the first book before going to the second. The best part: the book never loses its hold on you. You always come back to it wanting more than before. So yep, that's all I really have to say on the subject. GO read it! GO NOW! 
Love from Me! BYE!
ps. you'll get the button after you have read the first book.
I am going to be brutally honest.
This book began the way I expected it to.
This book contained all the characters I expected it to.
The main character was who I expected her to be. 
This book dragged me in the way I did not expect.
This book ended in a way I did not expect.
This book's main character was not who I expected she'd be.
Okay, guys, I won't lie. I read the last page to make sure my assumptions were true. They were. I did this before I finished the book. Also, I read the summary panel, so I wasn't like I didn't know the basic gist of what would happen. I did. 
We are going to start with the main character because she surprised me the most.  Our main character should not have been born. She is an illegal baby because in her world Barrons NEVER date(much less marry and have children) with another Barron. It's against the rules. Her name is Kaya. So Kaya's friend dies in a freak attack and Kaya is forced to go to this totally CRAZY boarding school. Where she then learns not only to hone her powers(of healing) but also learns about Protocol and other really silly things. So, I naturally assumed that she would be a quivering mass. WRONG. She may be blamming herself (FOR NO REASON) but she is anything but a quivering mass. Okay so enough about the book. On to what I thought:

IN-Freaking-Tense. This book is amazing. It may have been a little bit cliche' but that is totally okay. I loved it. It may have not yet made the favorites lists, but this book is completely amazing and I cannot wait until the next comes out. Now that is settled....
Love you! <3
This is a book about a girl who moves across the United States after her mother gets re-married. Yep, you guessed it. It definitely has some teenage angst in there. But maybe that is just from the fact that the girl can also see ghosts. Ghost who apparently need her help, ALL THE TIME.
Suze has been able to chat with these ghost all of her life. So, it really wasn't a surprise when they came with her to California. It was a surprise though, when she found one of them staying(like permanently) in her bedroom. This is where Jess comes in. Jess is a gorgeous, polite, suave  grant it a little pale, and honorable- ghost. Yep, you read it right Jess had died over a hundred years before. That doesn't stop him from being super awesome and nice(at least some of the time). I am sure you all can imagine all of the romantic sparks that flew between the two. But, alas Jess is too old school for that and refuses to let anything happen! That jerk. ;) 
This book as most of Ms. Cabot's books is amazing. These books are not just good for young adults, but people of all ages. I mean, seriously there is no way you can NOT like these books. They are truly special.
Nora doesn't want to partner with that guy who practically oozes darkness. She doesn't really care that she must for her sex ed class. She would really rather spend less than no time with this smooth-talker. She doesn't even like bad boys, as a rule. And this guy, just seems to get under her skin. Nora, doesn't want to get caught up in his awesome eyes, or his cheesy pick up lines that seem to work for him somehow. 
No matter how Nora tries to be rid of him, somehow he ended up in her home making tacos. Don't ask me I'm not sure about it either.   
Anyhow, Nora and this guy, Patch, happen to get close. Really close, as predicted. Only Patch is not just any guy. He's a fallen angel. A gorgeous, hunky, suave, unfeeling, tough, sweet, did I mention gorgeous? fallen angel. So, what is Nora gonna do when she realizes that dating a fallen angel is a lot more complicated than she thought?

This book is the best paranormal book I have read since Meg Cabot's The Mediator. (To be Reviewed Later). In all seriousness, Twilight can fall down a well compared to this book. In fact, if it were up to me this would be the book being made into the movies simply because this book is the best book of ALL time. I loved it. I love it. This book is intense. It's awesome. So read it.


Nourished by That Which Consumes- Joseph Ephraim and Carole Kay

This book is a book of revenge. At least I think so. I am not completely sure. Basically what I am going to do here is lay out the good and the bad. We start with the bad(Cause reading the good last makes me feel great!). 
I wish that it was written in first person. Somehow I feel like that would have made the book something to marvel at. (Don't get me wrong it was almost there, but not quite.)
I wish that the writers instead of telling me all that happens would have written it out for me. That way I figure it out by myself, and myself feel accomplished. 
Lastly, I wish that the characters did not jump around so much. One moment I would be reading about a son who lost his father to gambling and the next I would be reading about a girl who just wanted to give someone their their fair share of karma.
Now the good parts. 
I loved how the story was told. It was interesting from the get go. 
I enjoyed the switching of characters. I just wish it was not so frequent. 
I really liked how it kind of analyzed things for you. It told how the son was feeling about his lacking father, and how the father didn't truly even recognize the fact he had a family he should have been taking care of.
Now for the Truth:
I did not finish this book. Don't get me wrong, it was intriguing and engaging. I just did not finish it. Sometimes, I'll do that. Chances are, I'll never pick that book up  again, or maybe I'll try to read it multiple times before I finally give up and say 'I'm over it.' My point is: even though I did not finish that does not mean it was not good. Just the opposite actually. I enjoyed it. I just didn't finish. You should go read it and tell me what you think. (I'm probably being hypocritical for saying this but) Please guys, try to finish it. Have fun.