Valentine Shapiro, classic bad-girl who fears her own powers. Detective Dan Sullivan not so classic cop that has a small bit of trouble accepting the paranormal. Valentine, or Val, has had a terrible, awful eighteenth birthday. First she gets caught killing a vampire, then her parents kick her out the house, and to add insult to injury her parents fired her from her job. Sullivan is is a partner-less SCU, special crime unit, cop. The SCU is a division of the police department that goes after murderous vampires. After catching a young girl kicking the stuff out of a monstrous hungry vampire. He can't help being a little curious about this girl.

Kicked out of the only home she has ever known, and no friends to turn to Val turns to Dan, to help her find a new job, and get her life back on track. Only she gets more than she bargained for when she allies with Dan, and beings hunting vampires as a team.

So this book was funny and clever. It was not your average 'I hate you vampires!' book. It was something more. It was clearly about self-discovery. Which this girl needed more than I can bear to tell you. She made ME upset when she talked about her inner self, as if she was truely a monster. Well whatever, alls well that ends well. Best part is: There are more! So yeah epic book. It even kept me focused on the plot and not just the romance which I may add is very hard to do.
Okay, so not that hard, but it was still a good book and you should read it sometime. When you're not busy killing vampires and all...

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