The first in the Protector of the Small Series. Now, that that business is out of the way...
Keladry of Mindelan grew up in a tough world of training for war in the rain, never complaining, and never showing a hint of weakness. So naturally, in order to become more like her hero: Alanna, the Lioness, Keladry starts on the path to become a knight. The only problem is Lord Wyldon. He hates change of any kind and would do just about anything to make the girl go home. Good thing Keladry would do just about anything to make her dreams come true.
So, I was upset because it took FOREVER for the rest of the comes to come in. This book was great, sure I thought the child was a bit obnoxious at times, but what main character isn't? So in conclusion this book awakened the inner feminist in me(I told you about her, didn't I?). She was the one controlling me as I jumped around in outrage, and success. So if you want me to give you an unbiased report, I would be forced to biased-ly say: "That book is SUPER AWESOMELY AM-FREAKING-MAZING!!"

So this is 13th book I have finished in the name of the Hub Reading Challenge. Yeah to me! 

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