Hey, long time no write, and I know you've noticed the different look of the webpage. Well, I had to make some changes and get everything together. I couldn't just give you some lazy work that no better than that which comes from the bottom of my shoe, could I? So anyway, Girl Parts...
Are you "disconnected"? Do you often feel yourself slipping from reality? Do you find yourself not being able to empathize? Well, this is directly a result of not having someone to talk to at all hours of the day, and be around you all hours of the day. Their solution: A robot! That looks like a girl!(hence the title) This robot would be for boys(clearly), to develop their social skills. Now before you get all riled up, about this "doll" of sorts, know that this "doll" has an "intimacy clock" meaning if it is not the appropriate time for a handshake than you are getting a shock. Kind of like a shock-collar for dogs right? This book follows two boys on their way to being re-connected. 

So, my opinion is complicated. I figure I will just start typing it out and see where it goes. I enjoyed the way it was written, though the whole story plot irritated the feminist within me. I won't go on a rampage, but seriously? Why is it just girls they are imitating with their robots, and why were all of the girls featured in the story such horrible people? Anyhow, there were certainly parts that I completely disliked, but it had it's good moments, like one of the main characters, I enjoyed his perspective. 
I don't know, but if this sounds like something you are interested in feel free to go and read it. I would hate to stop you, because it truly is a good book with a good point. I just didn't like it as  much as I thought I would.
Later Taters!

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