So, I have decided to participate in the YALSA's Reading Challenge(link under Other Things Tab). So in order to make sure that you know what I have and haven't read, I will begin to mass post. So that means three books per post(you know depending on what it is that I read and how fast I finish. 
Also, I have been poking around, and I realized that my blog is very bare(something that would have been nice to know had you mentioned it) so in order to fix that I will be adding lovely pictures and .gifs to more of my posts. So if you like it(or not) drop me a line. Trust me, I will not be overtly busy. Plus, I enjoy hearing what you think. 
Also, I need something catchy to say at the end of each post. If you have an idea, that would be swell (yes, I did just say swell) for you to inform me of. 
Go write your own happiness?
Love ya?
See ya?
So many choices!

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