Be careful not to touch the girl who always wears gloves. If she touches you without her glove you might just catch a case of the Jenny Pox. Jenny has lived her whole life in fear of giving another person a case of the deadly Jenny pox. So to solve this issue Jenny wears gloves. No skin to skin contact- no problem right? That is until Jenny catches the eye of an awesomely hot and popular hunk. Now his ex girlfriend is out to get her, and she's wondering just how she can avoid touching this extremely irresistible boy.
This book was so amazing it should be framed, and given a medal- the medal of unpredictable awesome. As you might be able to tell I loved it. I sat there the whole time yelling at the book (not that that is any different than any other time ;) ). So better believe that this book is one you won't soon forget. That is unless you don't like awesome.

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