I am going to be brutally honest.
This book began the way I expected it to.
This book contained all the characters I expected it to.
The main character was who I expected her to be. 
This book dragged me in the way I did not expect.
This book ended in a way I did not expect.
This book's main character was not who I expected she'd be.
Okay, guys, I won't lie. I read the last page to make sure my assumptions were true. They were. I did this before I finished the book. Also, I read the summary panel, so I wasn't like I didn't know the basic gist of what would happen. I did. 
We are going to start with the main character because she surprised me the most.  Our main character should not have been born. She is an illegal baby because in her world Barrons NEVER date(much less marry and have children) with another Barron. It's against the rules. Her name is Kaya. So Kaya's friend dies in a freak attack and Kaya is forced to go to this totally CRAZY boarding school. Where she then learns not only to hone her powers(of healing) but also learns about Protocol and other really silly things. So, I naturally assumed that she would be a quivering mass. WRONG. She may be blamming herself (FOR NO REASON) but she is anything but a quivering mass. Okay so enough about the book. On to what I thought:

IN-Freaking-Tense. This book is amazing. It may have been a little bit cliche' but that is totally okay. I loved it. It may have not yet made the favorites lists, but this book is completely amazing and I cannot wait until the next comes out. Now that is settled....
Love you! <3

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