Gentically enchanced winged children. Yes they can fly. Yes they are pretty awesome. The only problem the cray-cray scientist who created them want them back to do more painful and dangerous tests. And they have muscled back up. What's a flock of feathered friends to do?
Finally finally FINALLY, the last book has hit the shelves and it is no small book this book is so intense that you'll be dreaming about it. That is if you could put it down long enough to sleep. I don't care what kinds of books you think you prefer, this is what you need this is the book for everyone of all ages.
Book 1- Maximum Ride- The Angel Experiment
Book 2- Maximum Ride- School's Out Forever
Book3- Maximum Ride- Saving the world and other extreme sports (my personalfavorite)
Book4- Maximum Ride- The Final Warning
Book 5- Max
Book 8- Maximum Ride- Nevermore
Read them!

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