Nourished by That Which Consumes- Joseph Ephraim and Carole Kay

This book is a book of revenge. At least I think so. I am not completely sure. Basically what I am going to do here is lay out the good and the bad. We start with the bad(Cause reading the good last makes me feel great!). 
I wish that it was written in first person. Somehow I feel like that would have made the book something to marvel at. (Don't get me wrong it was almost there, but not quite.)
I wish that the writers instead of telling me all that happens would have written it out for me. That way I figure it out by myself, and myself feel accomplished. 
Lastly, I wish that the characters did not jump around so much. One moment I would be reading about a son who lost his father to gambling and the next I would be reading about a girl who just wanted to give someone their their fair share of karma.
Now the good parts. 
I loved how the story was told. It was interesting from the get go. 
I enjoyed the switching of characters. I just wish it was not so frequent. 
I really liked how it kind of analyzed things for you. It told how the son was feeling about his lacking father, and how the father didn't truly even recognize the fact he had a family he should have been taking care of.
Now for the Truth:
I did not finish this book. Don't get me wrong, it was intriguing and engaging. I just did not finish it. Sometimes, I'll do that. Chances are, I'll never pick that book up  again, or maybe I'll try to read it multiple times before I finally give up and say 'I'm over it.' My point is: even though I did not finish that does not mean it was not good. Just the opposite actually. I enjoyed it. I just didn't finish. You should go read it and tell me what you think. (I'm probably being hypocritical for saying this but) Please guys, try to finish it. Have fun.

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