Nora doesn't want to partner with that guy who practically oozes darkness. She doesn't really care that she must for her sex ed class. She would really rather spend less than no time with this smooth-talker. She doesn't even like bad boys, as a rule. And this guy, just seems to get under her skin. Nora, doesn't want to get caught up in his awesome eyes, or his cheesy pick up lines that seem to work for him somehow. 
No matter how Nora tries to be rid of him, somehow he ended up in her home making tacos. Don't ask me I'm not sure about it either.   
Anyhow, Nora and this guy, Patch, happen to get close. Really close, as predicted. Only Patch is not just any guy. He's a fallen angel. A gorgeous, hunky, suave, unfeeling, tough, sweet, did I mention gorgeous? fallen angel. So, what is Nora gonna do when she realizes that dating a fallen angel is a lot more complicated than she thought?

This book is the best paranormal book I have read since Meg Cabot's The Mediator. (To be Reviewed Later). In all seriousness, Twilight can fall down a well compared to this book. In fact, if it were up to me this would be the book being made into the movies simply because this book is the best book of ALL time. I loved it. I love it. This book is intense. It's awesome. So read it.

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