Let me start by saying how insanely entertained I was. Now, on to the synopsis. 
Debbie is in love(like serious stalking time love) with her best friend, and has dedicated the last five years to being the person Debbie thinks that Lisa would want to date. Yes, I said Lisa, and yes she is a girl, in love with a girl(I forgot to read the back and ended up not knowing until she said it). So anyhow, Debbie writes a list about why she is not a wacky sidekick for Lisa, and puts in her backpack, which she then forgets in a fit of rage.  Why is this list important? I think you already know. Go read it, I'm serious this book will leave you in a fit of giggles(sorry if you don't enjoy giggling), the same way when you started it. 

So, this week I read Alanna: The First Adventure. Clearly, by the way it is stated above. So, this book is about a girl who switches places with her brother. Her brother goes on to learn sorcery and the girl goes to learn the ways of the warriors. It's pretty legit. I truly love this book, I mean I was always one for womanly impowerment, and to add the romance to this book was like adding water to a grease fire: Simply explosive. It truly was grand-tascular. I mean what girl doesn't want a prince to fall at their feet and kick male chauvinistic bottoms? I for one would enjoy that, immensely. Good thing this is only the first book, expect a few more reviews under this series. 

So, I may or may have not been slacking off a little. So, no book reviews until next week. Sorry. 
The Diviners- Libbra Bray. 
So this book was a strange one to read. It was thick, slow-paced(at times), then suddenly intense and engrossing. But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. This was a book about a group of people(who don't ever really get together) with something odd about them. Whether they can see the future or they can heal people with a touch of the hands, there is a little bit of something in just about everyone. So, these people must stop a murdering ghost from destroying the only world they know. So all and all, it was thick and hard to stay focused on. I did enjoy it. It just took me a bit to read and grasp. 
Girl Child- Tupelo Hassman
This book starred a girl who lives in a one-horse town. As the girl goes through her life in poverty, she also is trying to discover the positives in life, when mostly surrounded by the not so positives. I have to say, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I loved the analogies, the voice of our narrator, the way the story progressed through the child's memories. I completely enjoyed this book.
Heist Society- Ally Carter
This book is one in a set. It is about a girl named Kat. She grew up in a life of hard core "borrowing". Yep, that's right Kat is a thief  She never wanted to be. You can't chose to who you were born you know. So, anyhow one day, after finally getting out of the business, it comes back to bite her. Hard. I really enjoyed this story. It was fast-paced and entertaining. Not to mention the romantic aspect. And you guys know, I loves me some romance.
So my first set of three is here! The Diviners- Libbra Bray (Love Her), Heist Society- Ally Carter (Love her and this book), and Girlchild(should be interesting). I am really excited to begin!
Expect a post this Saturday for all three books! 
So, I have decided to participate in the YALSA's Reading Challenge(link under Other Things Tab). So in order to make sure that you know what I have and haven't read, I will begin to mass post. So that means three books per post(you know depending on what it is that I read and how fast I finish. 
Also, I have been poking around, and I realized that my blog is very bare(something that would have been nice to know had you mentioned it) so in order to fix that I will be adding lovely pictures and .gifs to more of my posts. So if you like it(or not) drop me a line. Trust me, I will not be overtly busy. Plus, I enjoy hearing what you think. 
Also, I need something catchy to say at the end of each post. If you have an idea, that would be swell (yes, I did just say swell) for you to inform me of. 
Go write your own happiness?
Love ya?
See ya?
So many choices!
In order: 1. The Demon King 2.The Exiled Queen 3. The Gray Wolf Throne 4. The Crimson Crown
Long time no post. No seriously, my combined laziness, swimming activities, homework, school work, procrastination problem, and past birthday have caused me to slack off on my duties here. Sorry! So anyway, I hope that you like the new layout, I know I do! Tell me what you think!

Anyhow... this not a book, this not a story, nor a novel, this is a world, that you have somehow managed to fall into. This world is on the brink of war. Conniving wizards, war-happy tribes, deceit, many fires, bloodlines, gorgeous guys who run the dangerous streets, murder, secret passage-ways, and wolves take giant roles in this book. Seriously, I cannot tell you much, or I just know that I will just ruin the story, so if any of the things I listed up there sound good to you please, do not hesitate to go read this book. It is definitely worth it.

Have you ever started reading a book series before it was finished, and then years later you can finally read the last one but you are nervous that you won't enjoy it the same because your tastes have changed a little? No? Well, I know I am not the only one. My point is I felt this way, but then read it and fell even harder in love with this series. There is just something about the way Chima writes, it is engrossing. I must say marvelous. Below is a picture I found that I thought was hilarious, but you won't get it unless you have read the books, and at least liked it. 

So we have all read Jane Eyre, right? Well, I know that I have and this book is the modern remake. This book was simply riveting. Set in modern day (obviously) Jane is a nanny for a famous rock-star  Jane of course did not know this when she signed up for this position. So, our favorite male lead was expecting a sort of star-struck fan. Boy, did he get a surprise. 
It was am-mazing. That is all that is needed to be said.
This girl, Lucy, and her mother have an issue that needs to be amended. It needs to be resolved before both of them are lost within the piles of newspaper and the endless amounts of trash. Yep, your assumptions are correct, Lucy's mother is a hoarder. Unable to restrain herself Lucy's mother just keeps building and building upon what used to be their home but is now, what we would call a landfill. Lucy being the only one in the home that can alter the situation and make both of their lives better, sets off to do exactly that. Hopefully before her mother's addiction can become fatal.
Okay so, I did not think I would but I adored this book. It portrays not only the seriousness of hoarding but also they way it effects everyone in a family and just the person hoarding. 
That's all for now! Bye
Hey, long time no write, and I know you've noticed the different look of the webpage. Well, I had to make some changes and get everything together. I couldn't just give you some lazy work that no better than that which comes from the bottom of my shoe, could I? So anyway, Girl Parts...
Are you "disconnected"? Do you often feel yourself slipping from reality? Do you find yourself not being able to empathize? Well, this is directly a result of not having someone to talk to at all hours of the day, and be around you all hours of the day. Their solution: A robot! That looks like a girl!(hence the title) This robot would be for boys(clearly), to develop their social skills. Now before you get all riled up, about this "doll" of sorts, know that this "doll" has an "intimacy clock" meaning if it is not the appropriate time for a handshake than you are getting a shock. Kind of like a shock-collar for dogs right? This book follows two boys on their way to being re-connected. 

So, my opinion is complicated. I figure I will just start typing it out and see where it goes. I enjoyed the way it was written, though the whole story plot irritated the feminist within me. I won't go on a rampage, but seriously? Why is it just girls they are imitating with their robots, and why were all of the girls featured in the story such horrible people? Anyhow, there were certainly parts that I completely disliked, but it had it's good moments, like one of the main characters, I enjoyed his perspective. 
I don't know, but if this sounds like something you are interested in feel free to go and read it. I would hate to stop you, because it truly is a good book with a good point. I just didn't like it as  much as I thought I would.
Later Taters!