Alright guys, if you have not read the first three than please avoid this post like the plague! 
Now that that is out of the way,...
Alanna has finally accomplished her goal of becoming the first female knight. Now, like everyone else who has accomplished something huge one question remains: What to do? What to do? Alanna has no idea of what she should do next! Its a good(bad really) that Alanna has come across a mission. She must go out and recover Domimion Jewel. Now, if this were not enough our hero must also knock heads with her old enemy, Duke Roger. Lovely, right?
Alright, I guess its time to come clean. I have read this book before in my childhood, it was amazing then and it is amazing now. I absolutely adore how Pierce manages to create a world that is not only engrossing in your childhood, but also in the future as well. This book was so "smashing" as some people like to say. Actually, I cannot seem to think of anyone who says that except for Peirs from America's Got Talent. Or from his Interview-y show. But whatever. It's all good.

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