If were up to Janie she wouldn't go into people's dreams at random points her day. Like when she's driving, or when she is trying to get some studying done. If it were up to Janie she would have known that it was even possible. Janie hates it, clearly. But if it weren't for those very same dream powers she would have met Cabel. Cabel the hard core guy(who I think is more than a little scary at the beginning) but a real softy underneath. Could she tell him about her powers though?

Well, of course I know the answer, but you don't and that is all the more reason to go and read this book. I fell in love with every single last aspect of this book. This book had made it into my top ten with only the first paragraph. If I could go back and read it earlier I would. If I could erase my memory of the book, I would just so I could read it again and again. That is how epic this book is. But you should just do it because I told you to...
Okay yes you should.
Happy Reading!

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