The Diviners- Libbra Bray. 
So this book was a strange one to read. It was thick, slow-paced(at times), then suddenly intense and engrossing. But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. This was a book about a group of people(who don't ever really get together) with something odd about them. Whether they can see the future or they can heal people with a touch of the hands, there is a little bit of something in just about everyone. So, these people must stop a murdering ghost from destroying the only world they know. So all and all, it was thick and hard to stay focused on. I did enjoy it. It just took me a bit to read and grasp. 
Girl Child- Tupelo Hassman
This book starred a girl who lives in a one-horse town. As the girl goes through her life in poverty, she also is trying to discover the positives in life, when mostly surrounded by the not so positives. I have to say, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I loved the analogies, the voice of our narrator, the way the story progressed through the child's memories. I completely enjoyed this book.
Heist Society- Ally Carter
This book is one in a set. It is about a girl named Kat. She grew up in a life of hard core "borrowing". Yep, that's right Kat is a thief  She never wanted to be. You can't chose to who you were born you know. So, anyhow one day, after finally getting out of the business, it comes back to bite her. Hard. I really enjoyed this story. It was fast-paced and entertaining. Not to mention the romantic aspect. And you guys know, I loves me some romance.

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