Friends With Boys- Faith Erin Hicks
So after years and years of homeschooling, Maggie is finally attending a school. But not just any school, the school that her three brothers attend. To make matters worse, her mother has gone AWOL, she doesn't know anyone at this school, its freshman year, and there is a ghost haunting her.
I liked it. Let me first get that out of the way. I truly enjoyed the drawings and the story. I do feel that it could have been just a smidgen better. Oh, well. It was cute and that is all you have to know! 

This was not apart of the reading challenge!
The Morganville Vampires- Rachel Caine
So 16-year-old, child genius, Claire Danvers, has gone to college, in a small town called Morganville. Where the population is always steadily decreasing. Not because of the hundreds of students that transfer or disappear, and not because of the crime rate(not truly anyhow). How is Claire going to cope with not only the mean girls on campus, but the unknown danger that lurks out in the shadows of night?
 I loved it. I thought that it was simple enough to keep me from getting confused, but so full of plot twists that I had no choice but to keep reading. So, now I have the fourth one and not the third and I am soooo tempted. I won't do it just yet though, maybe.

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