Serphina- Rachel Hartman
So, some of you may remember my post about this book not too long ago. If you do, thanks for continuing to read my awful ramblings. So anyhow, this book was no less than it was when I first read it. Seriously, grand-tastic!

So, in a world where everybody hates them some dragons and these dragons want to smash them some humans. Everything can become a signal to start another war. So, our lovely little humans decided to ban everything dragon, including relations with dragons. Why the heck would I mention that specifically? I have no idea. But I am sure that you could definitely tell me if you went and read the book for yourself..... *innocent face*

In the Hand Of the Goddess, Woman Who rides like a Man- Tamora Pierce
you know what, I refuse to spoil the book for those of you who may or may not be reading this series. Nor will I reveal the third book. (Mostly because I basically gave away the first book).

I am going to tell you though, how SUPER-TASTIC this book series is. I adore these books like nobody's business. Seriously, great. Go read it. Go read it now!! <3 ya!

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