Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Where the day starts bad and then gets worse as you skip along? Yeah that is basically the life story of Wilhelmina Grime, high schooler and klutz extraordinaire. She has moved from place to place every time something either goes horrible wrong or very right. Why? I can't tell you. That's all a part of the awesome that is this book. Right now if I were you I would be wondering exactly how does being clumsy and hurting everyone within range factor into being extremely the-core-of-your-being cursed? Well I have already said too much. Let's move on to what I thought about it.

It took me 24 (more or less) hours to read this book. I draws you into it. One moment you're all “Oh, look a neat book let me just read the first page,” to thirty minutes later when your on the thirtieth page thinking “Wait don't I have something to do? Oh well it can wait.” Yeah wait until your done because once you being this book you have no choice but to finish it. I liked it(if you couldn't tell) maybe more than I should have. It's because I am a true hopeless romantic, and I adore all things fairytale. So if your like me and you like fairytales gone wrong pick yourself up a copy, and soon.

Good news there is a book two, so decide what you want to do.

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