I cannot stand it when Americans say things like, "I hate it here. I want to move." or "Americans are so dumb."  "I hate America because people think that I am dumb like the rest of America." All of these phrase make me shake in my boots, but not out of fright out of an anger so thick that it literally makes me shake and my bones rattle. Only one phrase makes me madder than any other. It makes me turn green grown nine sizes and smash things yelling, "HULK SMASH!" It's when other Americans see videos, blog posts, television shows, apps, anything really and comment, "This is why I hate America. They are so dumb/conceited/rude/mean/angry."
My response is always, "Yeah, so? And what are you doing to fix this problem?" Nothing. They are not doing anything but sitting back and pointing out the flaws. I know that America is a long way from a perfect society, but it is the one that you were born in, its the one that gave you the means for education. It is the one that gave you opportunity to see other societies, other places, other cultures. Not all countries can say that. 
So, if you do not like the way you can live moderately comfortable here, leave or do something about it. We all know that it is hard to make your way in this world. We are all doing it. So go ahead and go to another country because we all know we do not need the negativity from another loud mouth with no reasoning. Of course there is always the option to try and correct the parts you don't like. 
If you don't like the ignorance in our country: Take your education seriously. Then educate others, you do not have to be a teacher to do this.
If you don't like how mean some people are in this country: Stop sitting on your hands, and take a stand.
If you don't like the anger in some people: Give them something to be happy about. 
Complaining is for people who are doing something to correct it at the same time. If you are working to fix this problem then coincidentally you shouldn't be complaining.

Alright. That's all the negativity I can give out today. 
I have read over this picture at least four times, and each time it hits me. Each time, it grips me even harder. 


I adore this picture, and I want to know you thoughts. So tell me.

Alright ladies, we all know that winning the battle to vote was a long and hard one. We all know that it was not that long ago that we truly had no rights and were expected to be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. With the turn of the century, any person would think that our rights have been slowly expanding. They have not. 
To be frank it is no one's fault but our own. I mean seriously. The men are the only people who can become movers and shakers. The men are not the only ones who can start an enterprise from the dirt. 
Tell me, when you think politics, do you think of a completely male-run entity? When you think of doctors, why is that doctor often a man? Now, don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with a male doctor(I am very grateful for my doctor. he keeps me healthy), but what is stopping every female on this earth from pursuing a career that is dominated by males? Why are more women not going after the same careers? I know that we could do it. I know that we will do it.
Why is that women are on the losing end in many countries? Most of all, why are women not getting the same education as the boys in other countries. 
If there is one thing I know, it is that how my education has impacted me and my life. The education of women in other countries would create better and longer living families. Educated women would ensure that the quality of life would go up. 
On another note(or the same one withever you prefer):
"There is nothing more beneficial to society than the education of women." -Sisters of Mercy
There is so much truth within this statement, that it bothers me how many women do not know they are important. Not only to the people around them but the entirety of society. Smart women,bring about smart children, smart children brings better futures for all. I would 
Good Question. 
Why is the earth round?
Why do certain colors look good on person but not the another?
Why am I any different than anyone else?
The answers to these questions are: that is just the way things have to be. The earth could be square, all colors could look good, I could be the same as every other person on this earth, but life would not be the same. It would be harder. I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing that I could be better or the earth could be rounder in this metaphor. That is why. If I can do better, than why wouldn't I try harder. Because I know and you know what the limits are. The ones that you set yourself. 
I love you.
Not many things get my goat. In fact, I like to think that I am a very laid back type of person. Though I think you would already know this, if you have been through it with me on my blog. So here is one of the few things that truly makes me enraged.

Sometimes, I will be watching videos on YouTube. Placidly, waiting for those commericals to go away, and occassionaly I decide to focus on a commerical or two. I don't mind too much anyway.That changes when its a commerical for medicine. Medicine for children and adults with A.D.(H.)D. For those who don't possess A.D.(H.)D., you probably won't see the problem. You might even think, "Wait, that's good, right? I mean now you can focus, and be like the rest of us." But for me, when those commericals come on, they are telling me that I actually have a problem, that I cannot handle on my own. A.D.(H.)D. is not a life-threatening disease. It is not something that can appear or go away with time. It is not a curse. 

Education should not be one size fits all. Education is not a disposable water-proof poncho. I don't think I am making any sense. I am going to try to put it in a different light. 

In one sentence, I can sum what I was told about the human race in my childhood, "We are all different, and that is a good thing." So why is it that when two or three children are a little more different than the rest, they need something to fix that? I would be like me suggesting that a person without A.D.(H.) D. needs medicine to make them more like us. How silly. 

In conclusion: if you have A.D.(H.) D. don't let some knuckle-head give you medicine. You can do whatever you need to do without it. When you become aware of exactly what you need to do, you will find everything is a lot easier. I know I did.
I love you. 
P.S. Here have this video. 

I get that. Sometimes you don't want all the flowery metaphors or the slow unwinding of a good story. Yoiu want what you want when you want it. Sometimes, you can even get to feeling that you don't have any time for waiting. Well, your wrong. And I wrong too, for that matter. If something is taking FOREVER, there is most assuredly a reason. That reason just might be that you need to step away and enjoy yourself for a few minutes, hours, or even days. I hope you don't actually have to wait any longer than hours though. 
When you are waiting and suddenly you think, I don't have time for this... Well that means it is time for your multi-tasker skills to come into play. Go enjoy the day, while you are waiting for the last installment in your favorite series to finally hit the shelves.
Hope This Helped. But it probably didn't!
I love You.
Well, that was a long title. Anyhow, this post should be particularly interesting because is unlike anything I have done prior. I don't know.. I think this should be good.

How Not to Tell the Guy(Or Girl) You Have Feelings For, That You Have Feelings.

1. Pretend that you don't have feelings and try to reveal it later. This just doesn't go well. Mostly, you look kind of like a fibber. And then, if you suddenly ended and relationship to be with that person, you may look fickle. Something  I am sure no of us want to be, like ever. 

2. Try to advoid the word, "friends" when you are describing your relationship with them to others or even to that person. Wait, Did that make any sense? Make it as obvious as possible that you are not interested in just being friends. THis will most definitely save you from the dreaded, "Friend Zone". Though the "Friend Zone" maybe where you want to be if there are no other possible romantic positions in this person's life for you. Well, that was kind of a saddening note. Look at it this way: THe best relationships start out as friendships, you just have to be brave enough to step out of the "Zone". And if it doesn't work, then you must be mature enough to prevent your friendship from dissolving. 

3. Avoid glaring, staring for long periods(often as well as rarely), agreeing with whatever they are saying, and eating their food(unless they are totally cool with that). I for one, am totally okay with people eating my food, you just have to ask first. Otherwise, you might as well have kicked my puppy. And that will never be cool. 

4. DO: Laugh and Smile a lot. Naturally, people are drawn to people who are friendly, and kind. So when you see them, I know and you know that you are glad to see them, so at least act the part. 

5. DO: Dance. I know. I know. There are many a persons who say they cannot dance. That, my friend, is perfectly acceptable. But chances are that the person you are into can't really dance either(or if they can they won't mind that you can't. Because I mean, unless you are a dance instructor, and the person you are into MUST be able to dance. Then you will be fine!). Being a girl, I don't hold guys to be able to dance well. It's easy to dance and be a girl, because we can pretty much do the Shopping Cart(Or the Lawn Mower, or the Sprinkler) and get away with it.


Do be the awesome, amazing beautiful person that I know you are. I don't care how cliche this sounds, I know you are a great person, you just have to let other people see that as well. Seriously, let no one tell you that you are weird, because being weird helps you to survive(hence evolution or if you don't believe in that: hence that one person that has a freakishly intuition. This would help him/her in the job market and in life's day-to-day choices.). Plus, I have been weird all my life, and yet I still seem to make it to the top. Hey, maybe that will be the post for next time. Bye!

I love you.
Are you feeling unnoticed? Somehow you have found yourself shuffling along side every other Joe, Pete, Stanely? Yeah. We all get that way sometimes. I find its hard to feel like your making yourself noticed. Like you aren't sitting in the background without human interaction.
Well I think the only way to fix that is with some fun. Go out and have yourself some fun. But not so much fun that you find yourself in a particularly precarious situation. Go out and find yourself a super nice person to dance with and an even nicer person to go shopping or flying a jet or making sandwiches with. Because in the end only you can make yourself feel noticed and there is really only person who can notice ALL of you. This is going to sound trite but this person is: you.

I love you.
I won't ask you to do anything that I would not do myself. 
I won't ask you to do the hard work so that I can sit back and reap the benefits.
I won't sit idly and wait for others to do what I can do for myself at that exact moment.
"So, why does this matter?" you may be wondering. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person left who is willing to get their hands dirty to get stuff done. Now, I know for certain that I am not. Just like when you take out the trash like eight times in a row and you think to yourself, "I must be the only person in this entire house who even takes out this trash! Those lazy meanie pants!!" (Excuse my french). I feel like we Americans haven't grown, I feel we have lost all motivation to continue. I feel we are lagging behind. Please don't get me wrong, America is my life. I love this country more than I could express in my silly little blog, but I want us, to come together as a country and keep moving forward. Not so that we can gain a position of being the world's greatest country. So that we can feel like we are actually united. If you ask me the only thing that you unites us are the the name of our country and the lack of motivation. 
So maybe we can all put our hands in the dirt and begin some friendly competition with one another. 
Because we are not above it. We are it. 
That is really all I wanted to say.

I am o sorry for the complete lack of posts here. NOT MY FAULT
I usually only have the title figured out. There is a central idea located in there yeah, but the Title is the only thing that I know for sure. I personally think it's because I like to name things, especially when the title would only make sense if you think about it and read the piece as well. What do you do first when you write?